John Hayes


While in the military, John used to keep an active physical fitness lifestyle.  After getting out of the military he went back to the “old school” ways of bodybuilding and soon found himself out-of-shape in comparison what he had achieved in the Air Force.  In 2012, his daughter Kelli recommended he try something called CrossFit.  Soon after, he joined CrossFit Straight Cheetah when the doors opened and has been here throughout the growth of the Straight Cheetah.

John is an US Air Force veteran with over 29 years of service.  While in the military he was an avid weight lifter and cross-trainer.  After trying CrossFit for the first time John was hooked and it’s now a major part of his daily lifestyle.  He enjoys working with fellow athletes and will drop everything to help new athletes feel at home.  John enjoys mobility and is always working to improve his knowledge and stay abreast of new procedures and techniques.  He loves to row and is our focal point for the majority of our annual rowing challenges.

  • CrossFit Level 1 Participant
  • Rowing Million Meter certificate (2014)