About Us

At CrossFit Straight Cheetah we are the premier CrossFit facility in the St. Louis metro area. We promote and develop challenging workouts that are functionally to everyone’s well being.


CrossFit Straight Cheetah’s mission is to provide the community the best and most efficient fitness training, which is geared towards cross training: strength training, cardio, and endurance. From the first time client to the full time athlete.


Our vision is to educate clients on the CrossFit methodology.


CrossFit Straight Cheetah’s philosophy is on function and human performance, not body image. We believe that if you are properly educated you can change the world through a healthier fitter YOU. Our focus is education not just for the beginners, but for the elite athletes, so if this is your first time experiencing to CrossFit or you have been doing it since the beginning. We offer an open education environment. You not only get the fundamentals of CrossFit, you get knowledge from all levels of athletes. For not one person has all the knowledge so please bring experiences into the box and share your knowledge. Education is the way to grow Fitness!